electric scooter rental nyc

Ditch the traffic. Avoid the subway.
Ride a Dega.

electric scooter rental nyc

Supporting NYC’s

As part of our COVID-19 relief efforts, every mile you ride on a Dega directly benefits local New York City corner stores, bodegas, and small business owners.

electric scooter rental nyc
electric scooter rental nyc



No traffic &
no commitment.


No gas?
No problem.

Cost Effective.

No surge or
extra charges.


Support local
& park central.

Own The Road

Our scooters are built tough for the streets of New York – from unpredictable weather to the cobblestone alleys of TriBeca, Degas are prepared to get you where you need to go.

electric scooter rental nyc
electric scooter rentals nyc

How Do I Rent?


Locate the nearest private rental hub on the Dega app


Scan and unlock your scooter through the app and ride on


Lock your scooter at the destination rental hub

An Ode to
the Bodega

The bodega is a New York City staple. Whatever it is and no matter the time, bodegas are always there for us – from morning coffee to late night munchies.

Multicultural, full of character (and characters), and each unique in its own way, bodegas represent what New York is all about. Here’s to the bodega owners, working hard around the clock to keep New York going.