In order to rent our electric scooters, you'll need to sign up through our mobile app (available on both Apple and Android). Upon completion of registration, all you need to do is load up your account with credits, open your app to locate the nearest scooter available to rent, and then scan the scooter to start riding. Once you are finished with your ride, find the nearest parking hub with availability, park the scooter in the allotted space for the scooter, plug in the charger, and finish your ride through the Dega app!

Currently, Dega scooters are only allowed to be ridden in Manhattan and below 23rd street. Riders are required to:

  • Use the bike lanes to ride Dega scooters.
  • Do not ride on the sidewalks. If you need to go on a sidewalk, dismount from the vehicle and walk it towards your destination.
  • Yield to pedestrians while crossing the streets.
  • Abide by all NYC traffic rules and regulations

All riders must be 18+. This will be verified in the form of a government issued ID uploaded during signup.

While a driver's license is not required to operate our scooters, we will require a current government issued ID in order to register.

All payments are securely processed through the Dega app.  You may either pay for credits in advance, or pay as you go per ride. At the end of your ride, your trip charges will be invoiced based on the duration of the rental. A fully itemized receipt will be shown for your records.

In order to rent a scooter, you must download the Dega app on your device and have an active account. To unlock, walk up to an available scooter and press “Unlock” on your app - you will then be prompted to scan the QR code for your rental, and once approved, you can begin your ride!

In order to complete your rental, you must park your scooter in a designated Dega parking hub. Once parked via the kickstand in the space allotted for your scooter, simply plug in the charger and press “Lock” on your app. Lastly, you will be prompted to take a photo of your scooter in the App, which will then complete your ride.

Under no circumstances may a trip be ended and left unattended outside a parking location or on the sidewalk / street.

Dega rentals are available between 7AM-9PM

Yes! Our scooters have state-of-the-art LED lights on the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle.

Our rental scooters are built to last up to 30 miles on a full charge, depending on speed and usage. Dega scooters are constantly being charged when they are not rented, so you can optimize your rental when your ride is active. You can always view the battery life of a scooter on our app before unlocking the vehicle to begin your rental.

Yes! Let our staff know if you need one by emailing support@go-dega.co, we’ll happily help get you covered.

No, our scooters are intended for one rider at a given time only.

If you need to temporarily pause your ride while the rental is active, you can temporarily lock the vehicle on the Dega app so that no one else has access to the scooter.

Always make sure that you can see the scooter while it is paused, and use a lock to secure the vehicle. Never park on a sidewalk, street, or pedestrian right-of-ways.

Every ride starts with a $1 unlock fee. Thereafter, the rider will be charged $0.30 per minute.

It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure that the scooter does not run out of battery throughout the duration of their rental. The battery life for your scooter is always available to prevent this issue from happening, before the rental and throughout the ride. If your scooter runs out of battery, it is your responsibility to get it safely returned to the nearest parking hub.

If you are interested in a weekly or monthly rental, email us at support@go-dega.co

If you are ever involved in an accident of any kind while riding a Dega rental:


  • Check to make sure that you and anyone else involved are safe
  • Report the incident to local police and emergency authorities immediately if necessary
  • Please send a recap to Dega customer service immediately afterwards by emailing support@go-dega.co

Please be as specific as possible.

  1. What is your Vehicle ID? You can scan the QR code of the vehicle or Enter it manually.
  2. What is your Dega account phone number?
  3. What is the address and exact location of the incident?
  4. What is the date and approximate time of the incident?
  5. How did the incident occur? Please provide all the details.
  6. Were you injured?
  7. Which of the following body parts did you injure?
  8. Which of the following best describes your injury?
  9. Was there anyone else involved in the incident?